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PHOTOtexting Pricing
All Of Our Plans Include a 14 Day Free Trial!
(Month-to-Month - No Contracts - Cancel Anytime)
FREE Business Number
Unlimited Business Text Chat
Unlimited Keywords
500 Text Alert Credits
(each month)
Texting Line App
Powerful List Builder
(per month)
14 Day Free Trial
Additional text messages cost: 2 cents each.
Additional MMS messages cost: 3 cents each.
(per month)
Unlimited Digital Pages
14 Day Free Trial
- Photography Guides
- Announcements
- Invitations
- Run Contests
- Client Albums
- Senior Ambassador  
- Pricing Guides
+ More!
ALL PHOTOtexting Features
Plus 500 Additional Credits
1000 Total (each month)
(Per month)
COMBO Special!
ALL DIGITALbuilder Features
14 Day Free Trial
What number can I use for texting?
Frequently Asked Questions
We start all accounts with a free dedicated toll-free number capable of sending texts to large groups or having 2-way conversations. This number is all yours! You won’t share it with anyone. We can also text-enable your current landline or VoIP, or give you a new local number.
Which countries is your service available in?
Our service is available in the U.S. and Canada.
Is there a limit on how many contacts I can have?
No, we don’t limit how many lists or contacts you can have.
How do you count messages?
Each message is equal to one credit. If you have 250 subscribers on one of your lists and you send a text blast to that list 2 times, you've used 500 messages.
What is a keyword?
Keywords allow people to join your marketing list by texting a word to your toll-free number. The process is very simple. When a customer sends your keyword to your toll-free number, we'll send your customized auto-reply back and add that person to your text messaging list. Each keyword represents its own list.
How many keywords can I use?
We provide you UNLIMITED vanity keywords at no extra charge.
Can I add my current contacts to my PHOTOtexting lists?
Yes! You can easily add your personal phone contacts to your PHOTOtexting account. You can also upload additional lists from any CSV file to your account.
More Questions? Text us to: 800-240-6909
What if I need additional credits?
You can purchase additional credits if needed. Each extended message costs 2 cents. MMS costs 3 cents each.
Is there a limit to how many Mobile Pages that I publish?
No! Build and publish as many as you need for your business and clients.